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    Tutorials Find step-by-step instructions for completing tasks with NI products.

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    What's New

    Installing a Single Package - NI Package Manager 20.0 Manual

    You can install a single package on any system with Package Manager installed. Double click the package file to open Package Manager. Follow instructions in the installation prompt to complete installation. ...

    Creating a Feed - NI Package Manager 20.0 Manual

    Create feeds to distribute multiple packages that have dependencies on one another and consolidate package file updates in one location. Place one or more packages (.nipkg) in a single source directory. ...

    Assembling a WinInst Package - NI Package Manager 20.0 Manual

    Assemble a Windows Installer (WinInst) package by creating a root directory that contains subdirectories, source files, and configuration files. For detailed explanation and examples of the configuration ...